# ๐ŸŽฏ Specializations

Optimize your Team's effectiveness with Specializations. These allow for targeted enhancements aligned with specific goals. Integrate specialized Teams seamlessly with others via our Divisions feature.

Important Note

Teams must be specialized at the time of their creation.

# Available Specializations

# Itheum Data Coalitions

As a cornerstone of the Itheum Data Protocol (opens new window), Data Coalitions empower your team by unlocking all protocol features. Discover the full potential of Data Coalitions (DCs) and how they can benefit your operations at the Itheum website (opens new window).

Automated Integrations Include:

  • Configures Plugging: Plugs your Team with the official Data Coalition Smart Contract (opens new window) for compatibility.
  • Board Role Configuration: Assign and customize Board roles with specific permissions, automatically appointing the creator initially.
  • Staking Module Configuration: A tailor-made staking module to determine voting power and set requirements for board membership.
  • Registers with the Itheum Aggregator: Enables your team to accept user DataNFT delegations, allowing data to be consumed in a unified stream. This is gated by custom monetization models, offering a flexible approach to data monetization.
  • Visibility Boost: Gain exposure through the #itheum tag, making your team easily discoverable on our Explore (opens new window) pages.
  • Dashboard Widget: Enables the open-source Dashboard widget on your Team page for easy user interactions and real-time insights.