# 🔒 Security

The society of tomorrow requires a solid foundation of security standards. For this, we have established rules and guidelines to make Teams DAOs safe to use & participate for all members.


Since your Teams DAO is based on its own smart contract, PeerMe does not have any more access or control over voting processes than you do.

# Token Management Rights

Requirement: To start and run a public Teams DAO with an existing token, we require the token owner to transfer token management rights to the Teams smart contract. To make this easy, we provide a dedicated user interface to complete the transfer.

Reason: On MultiversX, a token manager (there can only be one per token) has complete control over their token. This means they can not only decide to freeze & wipe accounts but also freely mint & burn tokens as they like. A single person that can freely mint vote tokens out of thin air is a hazard to all members of a DAO and defeats all purposes of it as well.

Consequences: Teams DAOs that don't have ownership and management rights for their vote token will periodically be set to operate in Private Mode. Members will also be informed about the risks.

# Special Token Roles

Recommendation: Before creating a Teams DAO with an existing token, we recommend removing as many special roles for minting vote tokens as you deem sensible.

Reason: Accounts that are allowed to freely mint vote tokens are a hazard to all members of a Teams DAO.

Consequences: We will tag potential risks accordingly.