# ๐Ÿค– Bot

The PeerMe bot is the bridge between PeerMe and other social platforms. It comes with many features included:

  • Receive notifications for relevant events
  • Lookup other users' PEERID
  • Setup Log๐Ÿ“ for your Group
  • Setup Role

# Setup

# Telegram

# Discord

# Log

The Bot can post messages about relevant DAO events such as new Proposals created, new Campfires created, ... to your social channels (Discord, Telegram, etc.). Find more information on the Log๐Ÿ“ page.

# Role-Sync

coming soon.

# Discord

# Other Commands

  • /setup: Learn how to connect yourself or your group to peerme.io (opens new window)
  • /me: Lookup your own PEERID directly from the chat.
  • /identify [tagged telegram user, MultiversX @herotag or erd1 address]: Lookup any user's PEERID directly from the chat.
  • /magic8: Ask a Yes or No question and get an answer, maybe.
Last Updated: 6/11/2024, 10:35:50 AM