# 🚀 Boosting

# Overview

PeerMe DAOs are inherently robust, but Boosting elevates their capabilities. This includes enhanced features like Campfires, Comments, Media attachments, and Social Bots.

Boosting is powered by Energy — a resource any user can contribute to a DAO, known as Teams on our platform. The greater the Energy input, the higher the level a Teams attains, unlocking more features.

For a comprehensive breakdown of levels and features, visit the PeerMe DAO Boosting (opens new window) page.

# Energy: The Fuel of PeerMe

Energy is the currency of Boosting, linked to the USD value: 1 ENERGY = $0.01 USD.

Every Team incurs a daily Energy cost, deducted in real-time. Users can opt to boost with tokens other than USDC, which are seamlessly converted to USDC via xExchange (opens new window) to increase the team's Energy.

# Division Energy-Sharing

In scenarios where a project operates multiple Teams, these can be organized as Divisions. To optimize costs, we've implemented Energy-sharing between a parent Teams and its Divisions:

  • Divisions inherit the Boosting level of their parent Teams.
  • Energy added to a Division directly boosts its parent Teams.

To balance this system and deter misuse, the base Energy cost of the parent Teams increases by 20% for the first three Divisions and by 10% for each additional Division.